All round to mine

Posted at 13:31:1, 29/4/2002

Well that was an interesting weekend! I had 29 members (and x-members) of the mountaineering club staying at my parent's house in Sheffield this weekend. It rained quite a lot but some of us managed to have a good day on Stanage on Saturday anyway. Saturday night we had a huge meal and piss up, much to the delight of my parents..!
I asked my Dad if he had been kept awake by the music and he said "No James, I never got to sleep..."
They didn't seem to mind too much though and we did give them six bottles of wine. Needless to say, we didn't get much climbing done on Sunday (I managed to do a B6 on The Pebble at Stanage) but it mainly rained anyway so we went to the cafe at Outside in Hathersage.

I'll be adding the photos from the weekend later today.


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